This ’66 Chevelle SS Is An Eye Catcher


I hardly know anything about General Motors (GM) features all I could tell is probably the irreplaceable beautiful curves and lines of the early Chevelle SS that are so good that one can certainly guess how easy they sell if they’d been still produced by now. Here we are presenting to you the newest and stunningly looking than ever before, 1966 Chevy Chevelle SS made only to bring pure pleasure to the eyes.
It’s the striking simplicity and the fine details accompanied that makes this build so outstanding from all the others. Having an eye-catching color that matches its personality of a classy looking Chevelles, with a gorgeous stones and a stinger hood just make it, even more, cooler. Nothing excessive with a neat and clean look, which makes you question whether is really worth modifying something this gorgeously and impeccably made from a factory.
The red colored interior will mesmerize you indeed and you will see nothing really custom made with a stock fell into it that is all well preserved.
It has a Big Black Chevy under its hood that is a 454 stroked to 496. It also has a scat rotating assembly, a serpentine drive setup with 400 turbo trans and all tubular suspension included in it.
Check this video and take a peek at all the features of this Chevelle SS yourself.