This Kid Definitely Had All Eyes On Him!!


If you grew up in a family owning this amazing car with which you were used to having the wildest rides before being dropped to school, then we may just say that you were indeed lucky. For Shawn’s (Aka Murder Nova) son that experience was indeed something to remember if taken into account not only the fact that the car he was driven in wasn’t just gorgeously looking and out of this world in its many ways, but, it was also a TV star as well!!
It was indescribable the attention his son was given when he was getting out of this beauty Chevrolet Nova in front of his classmates. We are just wondering ourselves here if he is being dropped off in this car now at that age what the hell he will be driving when he turns 16 t!? I bet this kid got envy eyes stuck on him every time he stepped out of his dad’s car.

Check the video on the next page that features Shawn dropping off his son to school and the look on the faces of his school mates staring at him and the car as well in a stun. Next thing you may even notice are some after school burnouts.