Do Not Miss Out This Entertaining Battle Featuring 1973 Dodge Dart 340 Vs. C5 Corvette!


Whenever the true Detroit muscle aficionado hears the names about legendary American muscle car rides associated in particularly with the golden era, it is inevitable to miss out the adrenaline rush that comes with it while making your heart pumps faster.
I guess that’s the main reason why we feel so much obliged to show it to you whenever we came across a video that features muscle car rides of this kind. As one could expect from the title that is exactly what you are going to see in this face- off video featuring a street drag battle between two equally powerful American muscle cars.
What we speak of here is a 1973 Dodge Dart with the 340 engine under its hood and a legendary Chevy Vette C5. The one thing missing in this video is that the author forgot to present to us the specifics associated with these incredibly looking American beauties.
However, I am more than sure that this wouldn’t present a hindrance for you to take a look at this video below and find more about this friendly drag battle and the outcome of it. Enjoy watching it!