Stay Tuned And Watch This No Prep Combo Between Kyle Kelley’s Shocker and Fireball Camaro!!


When mentioning the world of grudge racing you have to keep in mind that few deserve to have their names dignified and will never get forgotten. Among them is the name of Kye Kelley that will definitely be someone you are going to place on your short list. “The Shocker” Chevrolet Camaro has helped to make enough disturbances to provoke Kye to start climbing the ladder of success.
Now Kelley is confronting another Camaro widely recognized by the name “The Fireball”. Both of the cars are going to give up their best in this no previously prepared competition that is going to take place.
The atmosphere gets filled with suspense and excitement as the competitors are both preparing themselves to put out their best.
Both of the bowties are whirling their ways down the track, blowing off the tires while giving the audience a great amount of pleasure and enjoyment in making a great show to watch.

Check out this video below that shows off how these two are going against each other in this battle that even shows off the piece that flies of Kelley’s car.