Take A Peek At the 10 Craziest And Most Brutal Drag Racing Wheel-Stands Of All Time


What can actually indicate “a pulling off the front wheels at the beginning of a quarter or eight-mile run” is that the competitor is probably “hooked up” accordingly and will post a good time. Take a look what happens when a car is that powerful that a three or sometimes even four wheels leave the pavement and the driver is completely left out to compensate. Just to clear the air first, the Wheelie bars are all removed first intentionally.
Many people decide to do this deliberately. It all starts to make sense when many things begin to mess up and as a driver, you feel powerless to do anything because you cannot even see the track yourself. There is no clarity at all taken when into consideration that the car’s nose is being in the air all along and even in some particular cases pointing straight up to the moon. It turns out at the end that the thrill of being able to do something that a few people can actually do was totally worth it. However, the vehicles can end up damaged when the car crashes back to earth, principally the front drive train.
For sure, these guys have made a good investment in a good set of wheelie-bars after tearing up their rear bumpers, roll pans, and their other various parts by slamming the backside of them into the pavement.
Please, check this video and see yourself how this muscle beasts attempt to go airborne, literally from one end of the track to the other with only a few of them ending up with epic failures.