This Tesla P100D Model Captures Modified Hellcat Challenger 1/4 Mile Drag Race!


if you thought that the mania around Tesla Model S P100 drag racing video has finally come top an end, well, right now as you will be watching another brawl of this kind of races you are going to prove yourself wrong.
More accurately said, we are presenting you here the P100D competing against a Hellcat, but let’s clear out the air we aren’t talking here about a standard Mopar machine. Instead, its owner opted for more usual custom tech process with included pulley upgrade and ECU remap.
This could be of help when a blown 6.2 -liter V8 delivers around 900 ponies at the crank. And to assure himself that this muscle car decreases the power he included also a pair of et pro street drag radials in it.
Its name wasn’t just accidentally put out but the crew gave it to it for one thing only, these guys are passionate hunters of Hellcats.
However, we have to keep things clear when it comes to a fight of this kind, that the first car crossing the finish line is one think and the displayed better part at the end of the race yet another different.
The last part f this video will show off one another interesting discussion of the essential fireproof clothing topic, which displays why a Tesla Model S deserves its rule changer status.